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Can you imagine the daily challenges of being a child with special needs, such as autism, down syndrome, leukemia, or cancer?  These children have more than their fair share of challenges, and so have their families. 

Can you also imagine what it would be like for those kids to experience a day of pure play at a special Dude Ranch?   Imagine the chance for them to ride horses, make art, learn in our classes and maybe even stay overnight.  They will discover their inner-artist, the joy of animals, and make new friends. 

I've obtained a 178-acre property, now known are the R Charity Ranch, in East San Diego County, on Hwy-94, and I'm turning it into a special Dude Ranch for kids with special needs, their families, and also for regular kids of all ages.    And, of course, we will be providing experiences for children through the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which grants the wish of children with a life-threatening medical illness.

We are going to build a Western Town with 4 bunk-houses which will hold 20 kids each, and have bathrooms and showers.  We will also house up to 50 horses.  In time, we will also build a swimming pool, horse arenas, and soccer field, and basketball courts. We will also provide a special day for the kids' families, with mini-spa treatments like facials and pedicures.

Within this month, we will have our website - rcharityranch.org up to highlight our sponsors, pictures of the ranch. 

We are also looking for graphic artists to donate their time. We need your help to get us started.  Your donation will make it possible to build the town, the swimming pool, the soccer fields, and more. 

Our adoption program allows sponsors to adopt a horse for $300 a year.  There will be 10 sponsors per horse.

We have special needs at this time for corrals, as of now, 10 horses have already been donated to our ranch. We are looking for donations in all types of ways:  materials, money, feed, and endorsements.  No kid will be charged to have a day at the camp, including riding a horse, and a cowboy hat souvenir. We have applied for, and are supported by other 501(c) 3 organizations. Donations may be tax-deductible. We appreciate your support.

R~Charity Ranch

A  Dude  Ranch  for Kids  of  all ages,

especially  those  with special  needs  and  their  families