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Donation Items Needed

We  Need  Donations  (or)  Cash  Donations  For  The  Following  Items:

We welcome your contributions and support.

A donation of $25.00 per month toward food for our horses
and other farm animals (20 donations at $25.00 per month)

We welcome your donations of cash to help with rebuilding the the
property and assistance with the mortgage. (30 donations at $100.00 per month)

2 Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policy

60 Foot Arena: $800.00

12 Horse Stalls: $850.00 Each

2 Overhead Shelters: $600.00 Each

Donations of good running 4 Wheel Drive vehicles

3/4 Ton or better Truck that will tow a trailer

New or Used Horse Trailer



Horse Sponsors: $300.00 Per Year  (10 Sponsors Per Horse) (Donations covers horses feet (shoes, cleaning, trim, food and veterinary visits. Sponsors receive a picture of the horse they and a newsletter with information about their horse, who rode it and the child's medical condition. When available from the child, we will include a special message from the child.
​ Of course, sponsors can visit R-Charity Ranch to meet the horses and other animals at the ranch.
You can write us at: P.O. Box 91413 San Diego, CA 92169

Visit the CONTACT page on this web site for our  CONTACT  Information

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